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Creating Meaningful Change Together

The Diversify Veterinary Medicine Coalition was established in 2020 to help meet the needs of members of the BIPOC community and other underrepresented groups who are interested in a veterinary medical education. The goal is to bolster them at each step in their educational journey – from youth to adulthood.


The DVMC was created to provide DEIB opportunities in veterinary medicine. We empathize with those who feel excluded from the veterinary community. We must act.


Veterinary medicine has been stagnant for too long. We know that we have a responsibility to our colleagues to help catalyze true change that lasts.


All people deserve to feel like they belong at every step of their journey. Our mission is to create an environment that is safe, welcoming and presents opportunities for everyone to thrive and succeed.

Ready to Take Action

The DVMC knows that to catalyze lasting change, we must have clearly defined goals and commitments that are focused and agile to adjust to the changing needs of students, veterinary medicine, and society as a whole. By creating more equitable opportunities, we will help grow and diversify the talent pipeline to meet the increasing demand for veterinary care.


  • We will educate BIPOC students on different veterinary careers, creating more accessible pathways.
  • We will encourage animal health industry leaders to implement best practices for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


  • More BIPOC students will choose to pursue veterinary education and training.
  • Animals receive quality care and pet owners better service through a diverse and inclusive community of veterinary professionals.

A United Founding Coalition

We are leaders in the animal health industry who are driving the charge together for a stronger,
more diverse future.

Meet the Board

Courtney Campbell


Christine Jenkins


Rustin Moore

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS

Jennifer Ogeer


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