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Ongoing dialogue is important for continuous learning and growth. Here, we’ll share real stories from members of the veterinary community who have overcome obstacles to progress to where they are today. By learning who we’ve been, we can better determine who we want to become.

Our Stories

Jennifer Ogeer, BSc., DVM, MSc., MBA, MA

VP Medical Affairs & Commercial Marketing


“As a young girl growing up in the Caribbean, I had always dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. As early as I can remember, I would try to save every sick or injured stray dog and cat I found living on the streets. My mother and elder sister are both life-long caregivers and nurturers, having spent more than 30 years themselves in the medical profession as registered nurses and midwives …”

Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA

Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon
Host and Producer of Vet Candy on Watch

I have always enjoyed a challenge. My passion for animal science combined with pre-veterinary curriculum rigor lured me toward a professional career in animal health. However, I noticed that along my career path that role models, mentors or professional symbols that resembled me were noticeably absent. My observation became even more apparent when I realized that I had not met another Black veterinarian until I started vet school at Tuskegee University, a renowned HBCU (Historically Black College and University) …”

Education Grant Recipients

Several veterinarians received education grants to attend the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in September 2021. The annual conference is a way for veterinarians and veterinary team members to gather and learn about breakthroughs, share innovations, continuing education and more. The DVMC is proud to spotlight these veterinarians who advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion and raise awareness of this work while networking at the conference. 

Henry Yoo, DVM, MSc., MBA

Veterinarian specializing in preventive medicine, epidemiology and healthcare strategy

Los Angeles, California

“The opportunity to interact with and listen to people’s diversity, equity, and inclusion experiences inspires me to be open-minded in sharing, daring and caring. I’m committed to applying what I’ve learned and growing this initiative within the veterinary field. At the Western Veterinary Conference, I enjoyed sharing insights with colleagues and new acquaintances, and I hope we’ll be able to continue making steps towards supporting the Asian community...”

April Kelly, DVM, CVA

Cumberland County Animal Services

Fayetteville, North Carolina

I am excited about all the possibilities of the DVMCa worldwide presence in veterinary medicine that is dedicated to diversity, belonging and inclusionThe DVMC education grant allowed me to meet other professionals at the Western Veterinary Conference who share my passions…”

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