Fueling Momentum

We know that talk matters. However, when it’s followed by meaningful action, it carves a clear path for societal change. Stay plugged in and focused on our goals with news from around the animal health industry.


Industry Insights

Roadmap to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Veterinary Medicine

Understanding the current state of our profession and how you can get involved.

American Association of Veterinary Medical College

Explore some of AAVMC's many programs in diversity and inclusion.


Understanding the lack of diversity in the veterinary industry and the industry-wide effort to address these pressing issues.

Veterinary Practice News

Banfield addresses the industry-wide veterinary shortage during its annual summit.

American Veterinary Medical Association

Veterinary organizations take diversity- and equity-related action after committing to change.

Today's Veterinary News

Banfield and several industry partners launch initiatives to recruit more minority veterinary professionals and improve access to care for millions of pets.

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