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We've Had Enough

The veterinary industry is in a crisis

As one of the least diverse professions in the US, 90 percent of veterinarians identify as white. And with an increasingly high demand for access to veterinary care, it’s estimated that 75 million pets in the US could be without necessary care by 2030. The Diversify Veterinary Medicine Coalition (DVMC) is a group of animal health organizations and committed individuals coming together to address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in veterinary medicine. We aim to increase BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) representation in the veterinary profession, which will improve access to quality care for more animals and service to the community.

Why Believe in DVMC

The DVMC is here to spark greater interest in animal health among BIPOC students and build a more diverse community of veterinary professionals, which will positively impact the quality of care and service to the community.


We are a collective force committed to enhancing DEIB in veterinary medicine. Our mission is critical for the profession’s advancement.


By defining our goals and outlining key initiatives, we will take achievable steps to catalyze lasting positive change for the BIPOC community in the veterinary profession.


We provide support to those furthering the cause within the industry, as well as young BIPOC students considering the veterinary field of study as a career pathway.

It's Hard to Be What You Can't See

A Campaign that
Drives Results

Culture of Caring and Belonging

We aim to create a supportive culture that celebrates different races, backgrounds and lived experiences. To accomplish this, we will develop tools and resources that help promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in veterinary medicine.

A Scholarship that
Opens Doors

Scholarship Program for BIPOC Students

The veterinary scholarship will help create equitable pathways for BIPOC students to pursue veterinary education and training. In addition to financial support, we are focusing on providing ongoing mentorship and internship opportunities to those students who need help on their educational journey.

Talk Makes Way for Progress


Our coalition is comprised of veterinary professionals from different walks of life. Together, we’re determined to build a veterinary community that is open, engaged, supportive and ready to take necessary actions for meaningful change. By sharing stories of how we arrived here, we can move forward with intention and clear direction to achieve results that demonstrate our collective vision.

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